Bishop H. Eugene Bellinger is the establishmentarian of the  Cathedral of the Covenant Fellowship Ministries and Enterprises, a synergetic fellowship and consortium of Bishops, Pastors, Ministry Leaders and Businesses that provide development for the 21st  Century Church, educational and business community. He also serves as the Founder and Senior Pastor of the Cathedral of the Covenant Church.
Bishop Bellinger is the establishmentarian and president of the More Excellent Way Academy and Institute, president and founder of the From the Shepherd’s
Corner to the Shepherd’s Heart Ministry, president and founder of the H. Eugene Bellinger Leadership Institute, and the President and CEO of the Fresh Covenant Community Development Corporation.
Bishop Bellinger serves as an advisor and consultant to many organizations and boards. He has served on the advisory committee of the Joint College of African American Pentecostal Bishops based in Cleveland, Ohio (Bishop J. Delano Ellis, Establishmentarian, President, and Metropolitan) and presently serves as a board member of the Columbus Center for Healthy Youth (COCHY). He serves on the Apostolic Council of the Kingdom Fellowship Covenant Ministries (Bishop Ralph L. Dennis, Presiding Bishop), where he is also in covenant fellowship.
Bishop Bellinger also serves as an educational development leader and consultant focusing on multicultural student retention, post baccalaureate endeavors, student
leadership and campus impact, and organizational structure of Historically African American

Bishop Bellinger is a well sought after speaker, teacher, trainer, and developer for church growth strategies, relationship fundamentals, and business procedures. He is the author of Protecting the Priest: The Bearers of the Armor—a teaching strategy book used for the teaching and training of church staff, leadership, and lay-members for various denominations and church affiliated groups. He also is the author of How to Handle Conflict, Criticism, and Difficult People—a twenty-five point strategy for working with people in leadership in the workforce, the church, the public and private sectors of the business arena, and the academic field.  He is the author of Serving 21st Century Fathers “When Serving Your Father Becomes the Priority of the Father”—a reading and teaching tool for Bishops and Pastors to understand the Father and Son Paradigm covenant relationship for the 21st Century Apostolic Church. He presents Biblical and Theological strategies and every commonsense rule for making it a healthy union for the Kingdom purposes.
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