The Pastors Of the Cathedral Church
Bishop H. Eugene Bellinger serves as the founder and senior pastor of the Cathedral of the Covenant Church in Columbus, Ohio.  As Pastor-Teacher of this great historic church, he is passionate about those who are assigned as members to the Cathedral Ministry and to everyone who enters and walks on the beautiful campus that has been designed to meet the needs of the congregants, community, city, state, country, and the nations around the world.  As a 21st century Apostle-prophet in the Glorious and Holy Church of Jesus Christ, Bishop Bellinger believes that the church’s message, theology, ministries, and its lifestyle must reflect God’s original intent for what His Church was to be and should be. It is to be relevant and real, but built on revelation of present-day truth that does not and will never distort what the realness of the Word is saying.

Elder Joyce Keith Bellinger serves as pastor of the Cathedral Church.  Her passion, drive, and determination for excellence is seen in every facet of the operations in the ministry and her direct assigned task.  She stands on her own as a woman of distinction and class.  She is a profound educator and teacher and expositor of the Holy Writ of God’s eternal Word. Her love for the congregants and those who come to worship at the church is immeasurable.

Lady Bellinger is a native of Durham, NC, and a graduate of North Carolina Central University and the Ohio State University.  Professionally, she has been a part of the Columbus Public School District for over twenty-five years as an English instructor and Reading Specialist.  Also during this tenure, she has served as a Staff Developer, Multicultural Specialist, a Columbus Instructional Model Presenter, and a trainer for the Ohio Department of Education.

In addition, Lady Bellinger has served on numerous Educational Committees throughout the Columbus community, including the Young Scholars Program and the Private Industry Council.  As an active and dedicated member of the Cathedral of the Covenant, Lady Bellinger inspires the membership to strive for excellence in all things.  She serves as a worship and praise leader, choir member and soloist, Women’s Ministry coordinator, executive administrator, and director of Christian Education.  Her community and church roles blend as she is the founder of Summer Camp for Winners, Dream Builders Workshop, and Proficiency Tutoring and Homework Club, open to youth of all ages in Columbus, Ohio.

Lady Bellinger has shared her anointing as a speaker and exhorter at numerous services, retreats, and conferences throughout the U. S., always with a recurring theme of praise and faith to “Be encouraged.” She is the wife and companion of Bishop H. Eugene Bellinger, pastor and founder of the Cathedral of the Covenant.  Together Bishop and Lady Bellinger cherish their most precious gifts God has given them, their two daughters, Ellishia and Andrea, and their grandson, Julian.

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Our Vision
“To Give Hope to our Community, Country, and the Nations through the Life of the Church”

The Heart of Our Mission
“To Glorify God, To Evangelize the World and To Edify the Believer”

The Mandate of Our Calling
“To be Worshippers, Praisers, and Obedient Servants of His Word”

We are Deliberate in our Intent to Serve the Kingdom, Determined in our Intimacy in Seeking Him, Desperate in our Investment to Soul-winning, and Destined to see the Increase of this Season
“And we do this without Apology”

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The Covenant Children and Youth Wellness Center of Columbus, Ohio

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